• Notes 0002

    Very rough notes from a day spent in the cryptosphere, a.k.a. on twitter spaces. These notes do not necessarily represent my own thoughts/beliefs Social status signaling in metaverse terms Hype cycles of streetwear perfect training ground and onramp for NFTs No friction of shipping/distribution cycles When evaluating a project, ask: do you trust people running …

  • Notes 0001

    A Dive Into NFTs At long last I’ve taken a proper dive into NFTs*, after only having skimmed through OpenSea and some GAN tools (“shit, I wish I could do this too”) some months ago. Talk of hype, bubbles, and [crypto]economics aside, I’ve been having a lot of fun looking at what’s out there. Don’t well understand it all …

  • Work In Progress, Work In Public

    In an age where millions of people are broadcasting their thoughts, lives, and work online, the concept of “working in public,” has become increasingly popular. For the entrepreneurial, or for those who simply want to build an audience, working in public is a way to show what it is they’re doing before they have a …

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