• Nik Sharma’s 5-Step, 1-Million-Dollar DTC Business Roadmap

    A Roadmap From A DTC Veteran Nik Sharma has helped to launch brands like Feastables, Jolie, and Cadence. These companies have generated $100M+ in revenue. Nik tweets prolifically about DTC businesses, runs the agencies Sharma Brands and Hoox, and also writes a weekly DTC newsletter. What follows here is his 5-step guide which teaches “how …

  • How To Load Instagram Posts Automatically

    A Better Way To Scroll Let’s set the scene: You want to build a social media following, so you go looking for people and brands who are already successful – accounts with big followings, posts that have attracted tons of attention. You’re looking at an instagram profile with hundreds-of-thousands of followers, and you’re wondering, “How did …

  • Notes 0008

    Rough notes from the OhhShiny Show twitter space (these are being posted with some delay; unsure of when these were taken, but the information is still relevant as of the post date, even if not timely). Dave Krugman drop, sold out! Car photos for ten years Cars very collectible Stressful when floor goes up and …

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