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  • Notes 0007

    Rough notes from Rug Radio twitter space with Farokh, John Knopf, DeeZe, Peter Jennings, Vie, Justin Taylor, fungibles, Daramola, Oveck, 5511, cory.eth, 3LAU, Jesse Powell & more (on the evening of Sept. 17, 2021)

  • Notes 0002

    Very rough notes from a day spent in the cryptosphere, a.k.a. on twitter spaces. These notes do not necessarily represent my own thoughts/beliefs Social status signaling in metaverse terms Hype cycles of streetwear perfect training ground and onramp for NFTs No friction of shipping/distribution cycles When evaluating a project, ask: do you trust people running …

  • Notes 0001

    A Dive Into NFTs At long last I’ve taken a proper dive into NFTs*, after only having skimmed through OpenSea and some GAN tools (“shit, I wish I could do this too”) some months ago. Talk of hype, bubbles, and [crypto]economics aside, I’ve been having a lot of fun looking at what’s out there. Don’t well understand it all …

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