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  • Reading List: CryptoPunks

    Note: Reading Lists are created with the primary intention of collecting food for thought. I presume my ability to evaluate and subsequently curate content, ideas, and perspectives will improve over time. But, if you are utilizing any of the content linked to within this post, note that your mileage may vary, and please do think …

  • Notes 0006

    Quick notes from twitter space with Gary Vee and gmoney on September 15th, 2021. This post does not constitute an endorsement of the ideas/statements herein. Gary says the good projects are still wildly underpriced Says Curio Cards are underpriced VeeFriends underpriced Says he’s going to spend his life making sure holders win Too many people …

  • Notes 0002

    Very rough notes from a day spent in the cryptosphere, a.k.a. on twitter spaces. These notes do not necessarily represent my own thoughts/beliefs Social status signaling in metaverse terms Hype cycles of streetwear perfect training ground and onramp for NFTs No friction of shipping/distribution cycles When evaluating a project, ask: do you trust people running …

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